Sahar Concierge 

We are proud to introduce a special concierge for our clients. We at Sahar know how time consuming it is to search for specific items or places online. If you have a doubt of any of our products or any beach destination, just send us a message to our special WhatsApp concierge and we will be with you right away.

We have taken customer service to the next level with this new service. Want tips on what to wear? What your size is? What will suit you better?

Our personal stylist & shopper are here to help, even helping you mix and match your Sahar products to look more stylish. Its time to create that perfect outfit and look amazing with your Sahar classic pieces to dazzle those around you. Our personal stylist is here to help you 24/7, either if you are just going to the beach, gym or a night out.

Looking to go somewhere and want tips and information on where to eat or stay? Our personal travel agent will have a lot of suggestions, which you can choose from! We wont book your ticket or your hotels but we will suggest the ones that will suit you more. We aim to make you vacation more exciting with our local tips form the locals.   

You are on holiday or just at home and want to do a quick workout in the room? Our personal PT will assist you and send you curated videos with no equipment needed. No reason to not complete those 30mins of daily exercise for a healthier life.


Hope you enjoy our concierge service, use and abuse it! It was made especially for you!