We are conscious of responsible practices. At Sahar by Samantha Harding, we always care about the impact our business has on the earth. Sustainability is one of our core values. We believe in taking inspiration from nature whilst creating timeless pieces.



Our garments are designed in-house and produced in small production runs, minimising our environmental impact and wastage. All the leftover tiny pieces of fabric from the production are reused in some manner or donated to local family manufactures for the pieces to be reused.

Nothing goes to waste.

This has been a practice from day one. We work closely with family-run studios based in the communities of Rio de Janeiro, giving opportunity to families which look for a better life, in the communities no one has ever had a good night's sleep until they leave! When you are purchasing you are helping families in these communities have a better and safer life. 

In all of our supply chains, we only create long-lasting sustainable relationships that meet our standards. We can guarantee the safety & job security of those involved in creating our pieces and are proud of the relationship we have with them. We are proud to give back to the community. 


We all know that sometimes a less sustainable material will last longer, so we prioritize our pieces to last longer than 10 years when looked after correctly. We use the best quality materials available on the market for longer lasting pieces. Buy less, use more!


Why have a business and not give back to the community? One of our core values is to give back. During COVID we launched our first social project, PROJECT MAR, were we donate a % of our sales to Surf Gloria surf school in Rio de Janeiro, owned by Jean Pires, from the community of Rio de Janeiro, once a month during the holiday period, Surf Gloria teaches kids from the Favelas to surf giving them an opportunity to strive for a better life. 

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 surf school Gloria Arpoador Rio de janeiro social project

Surf school GLoria RIo de Janeiro Arpoador

In 2022 we started a new project called, PROJECT MOVIMENTO. Raquel Santos is a young Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter. A % of sales goes to helping her conquer her dreams of being number one. As it's especially hard for women athletes to strive, we help Raquel accomplish her dream. 

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 Raquel Santos BJJ athlete responsible social project giving back