Choosing the right swimwear for your shape

With so many shapes and styles of swimwear it can be tricky to know which is the going to be the one that makes you feel most confident and fabulous when lounging poolside. Luckily society is slowly abandoning its ideals of being “bikini ready” and we’re realising that you shouldn’t have to have the body of a supermodel to enjoy wearing swimwear. However if you’re not currently blessed with the body confidence of Lizzo you might want to try faking it until you make it with some of these confidence boosting tricks.
The first step is understanding your body shape and we’re not going to dive into pears, apples and any other fruit based metaphors - we’re keeping it simple and looking at things like the size of your bust, hips and overall body shape!

Small Bust:

Hands up if like me, you’re a full signed up member to the itty bitty titty committee?! Without needing the structured support of those fuller busted ladies, smaller busts have a wider range of options available. If however you’d like to create the illusion of a larger bust or balance out a bottom heavy figure here are some top tips of styles to look out for:
*  Look for bikini tops / swimsuits that have ruffles / details / embellishment around the neckline and shoulders - this draw the eye to your top half especially if you stick to a plain bikini bottom.
*  Underwired and lightly padded styles are great for giving your girls an extra bit of oomph
*  Patterned or brightly coloured tops with a darker coloured bottom will also emphasise your bust.


Big Bust:

Support is crucial for those with a bigger bust. Flaunting those curves whilst ensuring your swimwear is comfortable and supportive. You want to look for styles able to effortlessly keep your ladies contained whilst still looking sexy and stylish.
* Look for wider straps which will offer more support than string tie styles
* Structured, panelled styles with an underwire will help to keep those ladies lifted *Try and stick to cup size swimwear rather than S, M, L

Broad Shoulders:
We often feel most exposed when wearing swimwear and while having broad shoulders can be a blessing when in regular clothes you may want to feel more proportional and balanced when wearing your one piece.
*  V-neck, scoop and halter necks work great on broad shoulders, avoid anything with a square neckline which can make you look boxier
*  Look out for bikini bottoms in bright colours or with interesting details / cut-outs this will help balance out your proportions
*  One piece swimsuits with cutouts / coloured panels in the sides give the illusion of a more hourglass figure.


Flat Bum:

If heading down to the gym to do a 100 squats a day has not been high on your list of priorities recently then you might be looking to your swimwear to help you create that perfect looking behind!
* Ruching and frills are great for creating more of a curve
* Be brave and flash a bit more cheek - full coverage styles will only emphasise the flatness* Higher cut leg styles will also give a more rounded look
Big Bum:
If you have ALL the junk in your trunk and are blessed with a big booty here’s the best way to show it off.
*  Leave the string bikinis and thin straps in the store - you’re looking for something with more coverage
*  Avoid high cut styles that can ride up and make you feel fidgety
*  Look for solid coloured styles paired with embellished / patterned tops to balance out your proportions


Lets be honest not all of us have been blessed with the body of a Victoria’s Secret model and if you’re not feeling that confident about bearing your midriff then check out these tips:
*  One piece swimsuits with draping or ruched details across the waist are great for drawing the attention elsewhere

*  Try high waisted bikini bottoms with a contrasting coloured top
*  Look out for peplum styles and plunging necklines to draw the focus to your bust.

Being in swimwear should be a fun experience - you’re either on holiday, hitting the pool for a splash about or in your garden topping up your tan. Its an opportunity to be brave - wear a bright colour, a sexy show stopper or something that’s just outside of your usual style and remember the easiest way to feel confident is to smile!

Emma Lightbown



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