Support small independent businesses from the comfort and safety of your home. So come and find those creative artisan pieces, and unique clothes, all in one place. Shop handmade jewellery, gorgeous scents or an up-cycled bag  

We are all becoming increasingly bored of the same old high street items. Many of us are now more attracted to the makers markets and artisan stalls that once we may have seen as drab and avoided. Now we are intrigued by their creativity, and we applaud their innovative nature

Handmade jewellery two best friends Kooky Two

Handmade jewellery by two best friends Kooky Two

Where will they go?

So, why am I telling you this? Because 2020 has hit these folk hard. Most markets, pop up shops and stalls have had to vacate their usual spots and rely on online sales. But this can be expensive marketing wise.

I hate to say but we in the UK have lost many amazing businesses that couldn’t sustain this testing period. It is acknowledged that 6 million small businesses are at risk with 7% of small businesses in London alone have closed permanently. Some brand’s will successfully claw their way back into view I’m sure, it got me wondering, what cool, unique boutiques am I going to miss out on?

Make them smile with a little support

We need to continue our support of the smaller, vulnerable businesses. The ones that rely on their regular customers and who appreciate every single little purchase someone makes. You know that little smile they do when you say “I’ll take this please” it makes you feel good and they feel appreciated. Their hard work has led to someone making the active decision to purchase this. Fulfilling their dreams and brushing away any doubts they may have about if they are doing the right thing.

menswear Designers Tymoor  Manchester

One of our menswear Designers Tymoor from Manchester busy creating

You CAN shop online and still support.

Small businesses don’t have to just be viewed in person, although that is a lovely way to shop. But think of the number of small retailers, designers and brands you can see online. You can find a silversmith making awesome jewellery from Scotland. An artist making the most vibrant prints in London. Many sustainable and upcycled items from all over, not just the UK but the world. Now you can’t get that from your local market.

Handmade scents EKA

Handmade scents from EKA

How Be Designer differs

Most ecommerce sites will present these items to you in such a way that you don’t realise the story behind them. But shopping is changing and people are wanting to know who made their clothes and where the materials came from. So, Be Designerencourages all our brands to introduce themselves and tell us their story on their own dedicated brand page. Take a look at our brands.

Seeing independent brands struggle, we made the decision to help others and provide a shopping platform that allows them to explain who they are, what they are about and why they differ to others. All this, without charging unnecessary extra fees, and decreasing their already small profit margins. If you’d like to view these stories and creations, visit


Laura Robinson of Be Designer






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