“Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter” 
Martin Luther King Jr.
white hat social project Mar

As the world went though Covid, we at Sahar decided to focus our energy not only in creating new quality designs but also on our social projects to support our values. We are a brand that believe that you have to give back to the community. In December 2021 we launched project MAR. 

Project MAR is destined to help children from the communities of Rio de Janeiro giving them more opportunity through water sports. A percentage of all sales is destined to this project. As we know the reality for these kids which are born in the Favelas are limited and sadly have less opportunities in life, the grand majority of these kids end up choosing the wrong paths and losing their lives at an early age. 

Our initial step to this growing project is by sponsoring Gloria surf school, community owned and well known in Rio de Janeiro. Arpoador was the chosen place because it was where CEO Samantha Harding started to surf at an early age of 11 after moving to Brazil from the UAE. During the many years of surfing at her local home break, Samantha thought the best way to initiate project MAR was to support Gloria surf school, the owner Jean has always looked after Samantha when she was surfing. In a way to give back to the community, Gloria is the first school to be sponsored in Brazil. 

A field day is regularly organised for the kids of the communities to come down to Arpoador and learn to surf and just have fun for the day. 

kids from the communities of Rio learning to surf with social project mar

When purchasing Sahar you are not only buying a beautiful quality design which will last for years, you are helping who needs it the most, doing your part and helping support the community. 

Follow the surf school Gloria at @surf_gloria  and watch the beautiful project unwind.

Feel free to also schedule your surf lesson with them when in Rio!

Só o surf salva. 

Samantha Harding CEO Sahar by Samantha Harding surfboard leopard happy model

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