Renata Diehl is a Brazilian based yoga teacher which posts up weekly yoga practices. For those who have no time to head to a yoga class. Don`t worry if you dont understand Portugues, just follow the movements she does and keep in tune with your breath and try to keep your mind calm. 

yoga teacher renata dielh

A little bit about Vinyasa

While some people believe vinyasa means “movement with breath”, vinyasa actually is sanskrit for “to place in a special way”.

The word predates yoga as a physical practice. You could “vinyasa” anything, from how you completed a project to how you hiked a certain path. Vinyasa was about mindfulness in the movements and decisions you made.

Vinyasa yoga, in short, is characterized by continuous movement linked with the breath. It is in a Vinyasa class where you’ll most likely see things like Sun Salutations and “flowing”.

A “flow” is usually defined as “breath with movement.” For example, you might be in a seated position and instructed to inhale your arms up, then exhale your arms down, repeating this for a few breaths. This movement is a type of “flow”.

Sometimes teachers will tell their students to “do a vinyasa flow”. This is typically shorthand for a specific and connected set of movements. Sometimes this vinyasa flow looks like a variation of a push-up, a variation of a backbend, and a type of “neutral” pose.

This could take the shape of:

  • Chataranga Pose, into Upward Facing Dog Pose, into Downward Facing Dog pose. To see these postures in action, please watch the video below.

"Chaturanga To Upward Facing Dog"

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